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Queue Management System 17" Display

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TimeTech QMS software

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TimeTech-Q –Reporting offers:
  • Statistic Multimedia Display:
  • Queue Statistic
  • Evaluation Statistic
  • Overtime Statistics
Data Analysis
  • Queuing Traffic Analysis
  • Evaluation Satisfaction
  • Average Processing Time Analysis
  • Average Waiting Time Analysis
  • Timeout Traffic
Detail Query Data
  • Detail Queue
  • Detail Evaluation
Q 2008net  queue management software
Item Function
Control software Signal communication center
Management software Customaries set up the queue system
Ticket dispenser panel Take a queue number ticket
Reports of the queue system Give out enough useful reports

The queuing system control software
This part of the software is the signal communication center of the queue system. The software communicates with the call pads, counter led display, main led display, other flow media display like LCD or plasma monitors on RS485 protocol, and call voice broadcasts.

The queuing system management software
In this part of the software, the administrator cancustomaries set up the queue system application, likes: setting up the queuing ticket issued by the ticket dispenser, setting the communicate port, led display, call voice, different kinds of services, counters amount, and database maintenance

The windows of the ticket dispenser panel
This panel display what kinds of the service be provided, customers can select the service and touch the touch screen to take a queue number ticket. The administrator can add,delete or change the service’s name in the queue management part of the software.

Reports of the queue system
The Q2008net queue system software can give out enough useful reports, like years, month, weeks, days, hours reports totally or every counter, every clerk, or different kinds services reports. The reports can be loaded in excel or printed out.

Clerk performance report
Counter performance report
Customer flow report
Ticket model

Complete Queue Management System

Category: Queue Management System
TimeTech Queue Management System Features
  • Kiosk works as a System Server and all the application installed in it
  • Less single point of failures
  • In RF communication option, system works with minimum number of wires and network equipment's
  • Ethernet Network available for access the report remotely from the admin PC
  • Another Option is available using physical network (Ethernet cabling required)
  • Sleek Kiosk Design built-in 17" Portrait high quality touch screen
  • Thermal printer compact size with high space for the thermal roll
  • Audio amplifier Built inside the Kiosk Machine can deliver the voice to the built-in speakers, or can be connected to external speaker (i.e. ceiling speakers … etc.)
  • RF Communication to communicate the CDU's, SDU's and the calling pads
  • Windows Based Operating System
  • SQL database
  • Media player to be connected to LCD to Display the Status of the Queue and can play the video with Ticker
  • Calling Keypad can be soft keypad to be installed on the user PC or hard keypad (Wired and Wireless)
  • Calling Keypad can be soft keypad to be installed on the user PC or hard keypad (Wired and Wireless)
System Components
a. Ticket Kiosk
Multimedia Display:
  • Shows stunning graphics
  • True multi-lingual pages
  • Handles over up to 15 categories
  • 17' Touch Screen
  • Multi-Lingual ticket printing
  • Multi-Lingual ticket printing
  • Thermal Printer
  • Samsung LCD Display
  • 80mm Thermal Printer, with Auto cutter
  • Computer control system
  • LAN / Network cable (for media player to Monitor display)
  • Support 1-14 services (categories)
  • Wire or Wireless
  • All in one kiosk, controllers etc.
  • Multi – Language
  • Size: 38(L)*45(W)*128 (D)cm
  • Amplifier Built-in speakers (Kiosk) for announcement
b. Main LED display
Inbuilt with speaker, can adjust the volume by yourself.
F3.75 or F5.0 to display the general queue number
High brightness, can be seem as far as 80m
Attachable to various surfaces
Data exchange with other system’ parts
c. Counter LED display
F3.75 or F5.0 to display the counter queue number
High brightness, can be seem as far as 50m
Attachable to various surfaces
Data exchange with other system’ parts
d. Terminal call pad
Install on cashier’s desk
LCD can display the queue number and waiting people on line.
RECALL (RAPPEL) key: recall the recent queue number
PAUSE key: service pause, pause will be displayed
MODE key: to set the call pad
VALIDER key: conform the input
REDIRIGER key: save the input
TRANSFER key: Transfer the queue number to another terminal or service.
Data exchange with other system’ parts
e. Media Player
Compluter base inline
Windows xp/2000
Control the LCD plasma
Size: 36.8(L)*16(W)*3(D)cm