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Biometric FR 1200 Outdoor Slave Fingerprint Reader

IP 65 rated Fingerprint Slave Reader for ZK inBio panels and standalone reader controllers.
Small Form Factor: Sealed Enclsoure with slim and attractive design are ideal for indoor and outdoor mounting.
Waterproof enclosure: FR1200 is an IP65 rated wateroof reader that can be used for many outdoor applications. The cables and connectors are epoxy sealed at the back of the reader.
Communication: FR1200 can be connected to RS485 port of any ZK’s inBio Panel or Standalone reader controllers.
Easy Operation: Once user places their finger on FR1200 its fingerprint is matched by either ZK’s standalone reader controller (master reader) or ZK’s inBio Panel. It also provides Visual indication for acceptance/rejection of the fingeprint of the users.
Options: FR1200 is an IP65 rated wateroof reader that can be used for many outdoor applications.






TimeTech ZK-F19 ID Access Control & Attendance

F19 is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control application, offering unparalleled performance by using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. The F19 features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and AccessPRO high performance, high-image quality infrared detection fingerprint sensor. The device offers flexibility to be installed standalone or with any third party access control panels that support standard Wiegand signal. All the operation ca be done on the TFT-LCD color secret. The fingerprint image will be displayed on it. That will guide user to put finger on proper position and increase recognition rate. TCP/IP and RS485 are available that the device can be used in different network.

Finger Print Capacity = 3000
Transaction Capacity = 30000
Sensor = ZK Sensor Optical ZK
Algorithm Version = ZK finger V.9 & 10.0
Comunication = RS232/485. TCP/IP. USB Host
Access Control Interface = Third party electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, doorbell.
Wiegand signal = Input and output
Display = TFT LCD color screen
Speed Reading = Less than 2 seconds
RFID reader = Common , matrix and magic styles
Power supply = 12V DC, 3A
Temperatura Tolerable = 0ºC - 45ºC
Humidity Tolerable = 20% - 80%
Dimensions = 87mm x 195mm x 425mm (length*width*height)






PINCARD TT103 RFID Standalone Access Control System

SC103 is an access control devices produced by ZKSoftware, which is made with elegant design and professional surface treatment. The device have lock control, alarm, exit button, door sensor. The wiegand-in interface is used to connect external reader to construct master and slave system. Also the device can be used to connect with a control panel as a reader by wiegand-out interface. The operation can be done on the device through LCD display, also can be done on PC software and upload to the device through TCP/IP, R5232/485 communication. The USB-host is used for data download and upload, including user template and record etc. SC103 is suitable for house, small office and factory etc.







Smart card Security solutions offer dramatic advancements in card security and functionality. Smart cards are small and tamper-resistant. They hold, transmit and encrypt massive amounts of data. And they fit neatly within the surface of a digital ID card. We offers Smart card based solutions and provide support for all its installation in Dubai, UAE and Middle East. In an age with increasing security threats and data-transmission privacy requirements, smart card hardware, software, systems and solutions are fast emerging as the preferred technologies and applications around the world. The International Card Marketing Association states that the smart card market is growing at an annual rate of 28%. smart card hardware.






A simple way to increase security and efficiency Today’s access control security system technology offers tremendous benefits to organizations of every size and scope. You can save money and improve security by automatically managing access at entrances with the swipe or scan of an access control card. You can also safeguard critical information stored in your networks and databases. We offers Simple door entry security control systems in DUBAI, UAE and Middle East

Secure access security solutions for every type of access control program
From magnetic stripes to HID prox cards to MIFARE® contactless smart cards, One card, endless access control applications Physical and logical access control are only the beginning. Card identity systems let you combine multiple other functions into a single ID card, including:

  • Employee and visitor identification / Door Entry security Systems

  • Time and attendance

  • Cashless cafeteria payments







Automatic ID verification at entryways and restricted areas. Card identity technology extends the benefits of access control security systems to organizations of every size. Whether you manage a few or dozens of doors and restricted areas, you’ll find it easy and affordable to integrate your photo ID, access control, time and attendance and other functions into a single card. We acts as a solution provider for automatic ID verification in Dubai, UAE and Middle East.


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